From HKSN Alumni to Software Engineer at Facebook, Richard Ni is here with us as he shares his experiences in programming, life at McGill, and pursuing one’s goals.

Stone Yun has recently graduated from McGill University after completing his undergraduate career in the faculty of Engineering, majoring in Honours Electrical Engineering. He shares his experiences in electrical engineering, engineering research, and life after McGill.

Karming Chin is finishing up his undergraduate career in the faculty of Management at McGill University, majoring in Accounting. He shares his experiences in management, an exchange semester in Korea and finding fulfilling work.

In case you missed’em here are the lesson plans for this semester!

Lesson 1: Phonetics and Self-Introduction

Cantonese has 20 consonant sounds: p, b, t, d, ts, dz, k, g, kw, gw, f, h, l, m, n, ng, s, y and w.

Winter break means TVB and chill~

After another dreadful finals season follows a much-needed winter break. Imagine this, it’s -22 degrees out and all you want to do is stay at home and hibernate. () However, as we all know Canada’s Netflix sucks and you have no one…

Zachary Feng currently studies in the Joint Honours Mathematics and Computer Science program at McGill University. He shares his experiences making the transition between programs, adapting to university life and interning abroad.

Zachary Feng (center) at DLR during his 2018 summer internship in Germany


The Hong Kong Student Network is an undergraduate club at McGill that celebrates and promotes Hong Kong culture.

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