Hemanshu Anand — Chemical Engineering (B.Eng)

Academic Career

What are you planning to do after graduation? Or… What have you been doing since graduation?

There are people who have a pretty good idea of what they want to do — and that’s great — and then there are people who are still dipping their toes in different waters — and that’s not any less great.

I know I want to work in the industry after graduating, but as of now, I have no idea in what field. I like topics in pollution control and energy management — but I still have a few years to try other topics before I have to decide. And I’d like to explore these different topics either through class material, or internships.

Prioritizing school and life is always a challenge — with any major — but in the end it’s the people you meet that make it worth the energy.

What’s one thing you’re proud about during your McGill Career?

The veterans love to give advice (and complain tbh) and it will prepare you better than anything else, so just ask!

Lastly, nowhere does it say that you have to finish your degree in the recommended amount of time. Things happen, and frankly, nobody cares if you take an extra year, because, in the end, it is about what you bring as a person to the organization you end up working for. And if that means you’ll stay an extra semester, or two to brush up on your technical/soft skills, you’ll be better off than if you were to rush your degree.

Internship Experience

Tell us about your summer internship and how you acquired it.



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