How to Eat Right on your Date Night — MTL

5 min readFeb 14, 2019

Hey you! Looking for a place to impress that special someone this Valentine’s day? Why not take a look at two of our favorite date night spots for some inspiration? These restaurants not only have a great ambiance but, will also have you asking for seconds in no time. Take a look below and show your SO that you’re not just some run-of-the-mill foodie, but rather, a true gourmet!

Hotpot Panda

Credit: Hotpot Panda FB

Tel:(514) 999–6778
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 11:30 a.m. — 10:00 p.m.
Address: 2170 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M7

Hotpot Panda? Spicy and cute just like your date! This is the perfect place to share some intimate dipping moments with your date. Wanna know if they’re the perfect one? See how your partner cooks their food! Dip some sliced meat and delicious veggies and get to know each other more in the meantime!

Item 1: Soup Base
[Price: $3 - $5]

Credit: Hotpot Panda FB

Szechuan Spicy, Mushroom, Tomato, YinYang, Panda’s Gold soup, etc… So many different soup bases to choose from! Can’t handle spice? No worries! They’ve adapted their menu to a variety of tastes buds so there’s always something for everyone!

Item 2: Meats
[Price: included]

Credit: Yelp

Included in the main $16.99 hotpot price are all the flavors of meat you could imagine! From classic lamb to delicious sliced beef and shrimp fillets, eat to your heart’s content of the endless selection of thinly sliced deliciousness to enjoy the most authentic hotpot experience! Shabu shabu the meat in the steaming pot for 30s and once the meat browns, dip it into your sauce, and oh my lord, that is exactly what heaven tastes like.

Item 3: Veggies and more!
[Price: included]

Credit: Yelp

It doesn’t get better than AYCE veggies and more! Get your fair share of mushrooms, potatoes, fish tofu, corn and all the veggies that Hotpot Panda have to offer! After cooking your veggies, dip them into a sauce that you can make from the DIY sauce counter to maximize the flavor! Take note, a life hack from people of Sichuan, home of the Hotpot, is that you should always dip and finish the meat first before moving on to the veggies!

Item 4: Speciality Item! Bamboo Spare Ribs
[Price: $2.50]

Credit: Yelp

THIS IS A MUST-BUY ITEM!! Combining form and function; it’s served in an extremely aesthetic bamboo shoot and has a flavor that’ll hit you in all the right places! Well seasoned with chili spices, this is one item on the menu that sets Hotpot Panda apart from other hotpot spots! Bring on the authentic Sichuan flavors!


Tel: (514) 543–1828
Opening hours:
Mon-Thur 12:30–10:30PM
Fri-Sat 12:00–11:00PM
Sun 12:00–10:30PM
Address:1651 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1L9

End your perfect date with dessert! Gazo is the most aesthetically pleasing and trendy dessert spot in Montreal. Just imagine eating top-notch desserts with the apple of your eyes. This place will be the cherry on top of your perfect date.

Item 1: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
7 different flavours

Credit: Erica Li

How to impress your date 101: take your date to a fancy-looking, but reasonable pricing dessert place. I promise you that no one can resist its charm. The nitrogen ice cream creates a magical, fantasy-like atmosphere, almost as if you two are living out a fairytale. The milky texture gradually melts in your mouth, and its sweetness slowly dissolves on your tongue. This is the most instagrammable ice cream in town. So, if she/ he posts about their date onto their IG story, isn’t that a good sign?

Item 2: Souffle Pancake
5 different flavours

Credits: @smarkfoodie

Been on Subtle Asian Traits for too long? Tired of seeing other people enjoying souffle pancakes with pearls on top? Here’s the way to show your honey boo that you’re a cultured person with an exquisite taste — THE BOBA SOUFFLE PANCAKE. That’s right, you didn’t hear me wrong, the viral pancake is currently in MTL. Souffle pancakes are my personal bias, nothing can capture my heart like a soft fluffy pancake which instantly melts in your mouth. Food for your eyes, your heart, and your tummy. This place will surely end your date on a high note.

Item 3: Gazo Teas
2 different flavours

Credit: Prisca Tang

My friends swear by Gazo’s fruit tea. The cheese cream at the bottom, mixed with a thick layer of fruit tea is a match made in heaven. Every layer is a surprise. There are mini fruity boba in the drink that explode like how your heart would when you’re with your date. My mom always said “to keep someone, you should first keep their stomach”, and nothing lures one’s heart like a good drink after dinner. Since this drink is filling, we recommend you to share one drink with your partner and enjoy the boba explosions together.

You made it! We’ve tried to do the heavy lifting for you, we know picking the perfect date night restaurant can be tough. With the venue chosen, the stage has been set but, the rest of the night is in your hands. Be sure to charm them with your knowledge of the best menu items, and flex your HKSN membership card for 10% off! Good luck reader, go for broke!




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