Karming Chin — Accounting (B.Com)

Academic Career

What are you planning to do after graduation? or… What have you been doing since graduation?

But for me, I wanted to do something more meaningful and build a career that, I felt, had more societal impact.

As such, I’m currently looking into the field of VC and Corporate Strategy/Development because, inherently, I love what they are trying to do; helping businesses, which are trying to solve pressing issues in the world, grow.

People will say that if you don’t take the typical recruiting route, you’re most likely doomed, which, in my opinion, isn’t entirely true.

To provide more context, as U1s, we’re asked to polish our CVs. As U2s, we’re trained like soldiers to network properly and obtain a prestigious summer internship offer. As U3s, we should be chilling and taking it easy because we’re assumed to have a return offer for a full-time position upon graduation. However, only a small amount of the students get the firm/job that they actually wanted back in U2. As a result, most individuals don’t have the “prestigious” and valuable experience to compete against other candidates for the most basic entry-level position in U3. Hence, explaining why a lot of students often struggle to find their first job when the basic requirement is to have some internship experience.

It allowed me to take some time off of school and truly think about myself; what I really wanted and what mattered most for me at the end of the day, without solely thinking about the safest route to take, career-wise.

What advice would you give to younglings at McGill? or… If you were to go back to your first year, what would you have done differently?

Sometimes, it might actually be worth it to bet on yourself when nobody else does.

Internship Experience

Tell us about your summer internship and how you acquired it.

It taught me that the work that you did actually matters.

I just couldn’t see myself doing that kind of work on a daily basis which eventually pushed me to explore the other opportunities in the field.



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