Prisca Tang — English Literature and African Studies (B. Arts)

Academic Career

What have you been up to since graduation?

For example, I remember in my second year I had 13 essays to write within the span of 8 days, just to give you an idea.

African Studies on the other hand is nice change of pace in that its a multi-disciplinary program so, you get to learn a little bit of everything regarding developing countries. But, be warned! Since the complementary courses in many different departments, registration can be a pain since a lot of courses overlap, especially when you’re doing a double major in English Literature and African Studies like I did.

It seemed like the perfect match for me, I could be a writer and incorporate the things I was learning in university.

Now that I had a destination in mind, it made it much easier for me to organize the steps I needed to take during my undergrad to become a journalist out of university. And since then, I tried to write for school newspapers and magazines at every opportunity I got, which also made it easier for my future internship applications in journalism. So, if I had to sum it up, I’d say to keep an open mind, meet as many people as you can while you’re in a community of like-minded individuals and, be honest with yourself!

I wish I had slowed my pace and taken a moment to pause, breath, and, remind myself that it’s okay to take breaks and that it’s okay to not feel okay all the time.

There’s no rush to graduate! Why rush possibly the best years of your life? It’s not worth the extra stress of cramming for assessments, and not being able to make time for friends. Mental health is paramount above all else, it’s perfectly alright to not do stellar in a course, and to take a semester off if you just want to recharge. Take care of yourself! I wish I had known that sooner looking back.

Remember, life is a marathon, winning at the starting line doesn’t mean you’ll win the entire race so, take your time and move at your own pace.

Internship Experience

Tell us about your summer internship and how you acquired it.



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