Stone Yun — Honours Electrical Engineering (B.Eng)

Academic Career

What have you been doing since graduation?

The 12 months I spent doing research with my thesis supervisor turned out to be a transformative experience.

I had no idea I would love research so much. I guess the ambiguous nature of research and the freedom to ask whatever question you want really appealed to my preference of low-key work environments with a high degree of autonomy. Especially with neural networks, nobody truly knows how they work. The only thing you can do is write an experiment and then run it. If you’re lucky, one of them will turn out the way you wanted. This gave me a lot of room to try whatever I thought might work, which is exactly the kind of freedom that I knew I wanted in my day-to-day work

It wasn’t until I started my own projects in senior year for the Capstone project and my tech comps that I got to put all my skills together.

What were some valuable involvements at school that taught you about yourself and oriented your goals?

5 years later, that passion hasn’t changed one bit.

What advice would you give to younglings at McGill? or… If you were to go back to your first year, what would you have done differently?

Though things may turn out how you’d planned, they almost never play out in the way you’d thought they would.

Internship Experience

Tell us about your summer internship and how you acquired it.

  1. Nobody knows the right answer. You can go ask the more senior employees/grad students for help, but they’ll only be able to give you some general pointers. Besides simple technical questions, you’ll have to get your hands dirty and try things out.

Eventually, you’ll become the go-to expert on whatever project you were given.

  1. Read, read, read. I’ve lost track of the number of blog posts, tutorials, and stack-overflow threads I’ve read. You hear this over and over, but with the internet, you really can find basically anything online with a written tutorial.
  2. Have patience with yourself and how productive you think you should be. Internships are meant to be a learning experience. Sometimes, learning can be incredibly slow.



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